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Panama - national anthem

The national anthem of Panama is titled "Himno Istmeño", which translates to "Isthmus Hymn" in English.

  • The music was composed by Santos Jorge, and the lyrics were written by Jerónimo de la Ossa. Both were important figures in Panamanian culture and politics.

  • The anthem was officially adopted on October 20, 1925. However, it was first performed on November 18, 1903, at the proclamation of the Republic of Panama.

  • The anthem is traditionally played at official state functions, during national holidays, and at international events where Panama is represented.

  • The anthem's lyrics are reflective of Panama's independence and national pride, celebrating the country's beautiful landscape and its hardworking people.

The lyrics translated into English:

At last we reached victory

In the joyous field of the union;

With ardent fires of glory

A new nation is alight.

It is necessary to cover with a veil

The past times of Calvary and cross;

Let now the blue skies be adorned with

The splendid light of the concord.

Progress caresses your paths.

In your ground, life is lush;

Your sons, healthy and simple,

are examples of virtue and honor.

Behold your proud, sovereign being,

nurturing life in noble equality,

and proceed to your grand destiny to pluck your laurels in glory.

With your labor, you encircle the isthmus with a ribbon of gold;

You are the symbol of noble and honored labor that builds, that is life and activity.

The aroma of the meadows in flower are exalted with your sweet name; heroic land, your sons venerate you and they are the guardians of your honor.

You feel vibrating in your soil the noble homeland's thrilling voice which gives you a kiss of brotherhood from the end of the south to the end of the north.


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