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Paraguay - national anthem

  • The national anthem of Paraguay is titled "Paraguayos, República o Muerte", which translates to "Paraguayans, The Republic or Death" in English.

  • The anthem was adopted on May 20, 1846, making it one of the oldest national anthems in the world.

  • The music was composed by Francisco Acuña de Figueroa, who also wrote the national anthem of Uruguay, and the lyrics were written by Emilio Bigaró.

  • The original anthem had six verses, but only the first and last verses are commonly sung today.

  • The lyrics speak to the country's love for freedom, the value of peace, and the pride of being Paraguayan.

  • The anthem is traditionally played at official state functions, during national holidays, and at international events where Paraguay is represented.

The lyrics translated into English:

Paraguayans, Republic or Death!

Our spirit gave us liberty;

Neither oppressors nor servile slaves

Exist where unity and equality reign.

Peace and Justice!

Paraguayans, Republic or Death!

So has the great creator of the universe proclaimed it;

Where tyranny once ruled, Now reigns Fatherland.

Peace and Justice!

Peace and Justice!

Peace and Justice!


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