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Qatar - national anthem

  • The national anthem of Qatar is titled "Al-Salam al-Amiri", which translates to "Peace to the Emir" in English.

  • The anthem was officially adopted on December 7, 1996.

  • The music was composed by Abdul Aziz Nasser Obaidan, and the lyrics were written by Sheikh Mubarak bin Saif al-Thani.

  • The anthem was first used at a Gulf Cooperation Council meeting held in Qatar in December 1996.

  • The lyrics of "Al-Salam al-Amiri" reflect the ambitions, determination, and strength of the Qatari people. They speak of the country's modernization while upholding its traditions and cultural identity.

  • The anthem is traditionally played at official state functions, during national holidays, and at international events where Qatar is represented.

The lyrics translated into English:


I swear, I swear

Swearing by the One who spread the light

Qatar will always be free, elevated by the spirit of the loyal

Travel the high road

Travel by the guiding light of the Prophets

Qatar, in my heart, is an epic of dignity and the glories of the forefathers

Qatar is the land of the foremost men

Who protect us in time of distress,

Doves at times of peace

Birds of prey they are



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